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Which Suspect Looks Like Josh’s Morphed Sketch?

A “friend of the site” (Joshua Ryals) sent me an e-mail with an unusual sketch of D B Cooper attached. Here’s what he said about it in the e-mail:


“Figuring Cooper's likeness may lie somewhere between the revised 1972 FBI composite and the 1988 composite dictated by Flo Schaffner for that Unsolved Mysteries documentary, I used an image morphing program to combine the two sketches and saved the frame that is the  50/50 point of the morph.” Here is what Josh is talking about:


The sketches:


The Composite D B Cooper based on descriptions by Flight Attendants Florence Schaffner and Tina Mucklow.

The sketch done for the Unsolved Mysteries Television program in 1988 under the direction of Florence Schaffner.


This is a single frame (50/50 split) from morphing one sketch into the other.



The suspects:

Now having looked at the morphed sketch, please look at the following nine suspects and vote (in the poll below) for the suspect you think looks most like Josh’s sketch.



Suspect #1

Suspect #2

Suspect #3

Suspect #4

Suspect #5

Suspect #6

Suspect #7

Suspect #8

Suspect #9

The Poll:

Which of the above suspects most resembles the morphed D B Cooper sketch?

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Who did you vote for?

Well, it looks like it will take forever to get 100 votes, so I have placed the identies [HERE]. Did you know who each of the nine suspects were when you voted? Did you enjoy this “light-hearted activity? If you did or if you didn’t let me know at, I’m always happy to hear from you.




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