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Sluggo’s Personal Research



The “Sluggo’s Personal Research” page will provide links to the products of my personal research. This information may be valuable to the serious NORJAK researcher/investigator. I doubt there will be anything here that interests the casual web surfer.


The files found in these links may require specialized software (imaging, map, database, etc). I will attempt to identify the software used to create the files and use standard file extensions to aid in selecting the software used for viewing.


Some of these projects are incomplete. In fact all of them are incomplete in the sense that as more, reliable, data becomes available the project is re-visited and updated. The last revision date can be found at the bottom of each page.


I sincerely hope that this material is helpful to those who are actively seeking the solution to the NORJAK mystery.


Questions and suggestions should be sent to offers this data to be used by anyone without obligation. (However, we appreciate getting credit for it where appropriate). makes no warranty as to the suitability of these files and the data contained therein to any purpose. These files (data) are offered for consideration and without liability.




The Victor Airways Project


This project represents the research product of exploring the hypothesis that Dan Cooper used misdirection (by specifying Flight altitude, flap settings, and dirty (wheels-down) configuration) to accomplish the task of ensuring that Northwest Flight 305 used a particular Victor airway (V-23) to fly south away from Seattle, without tipping his hand that he knew that was the route he was on and hence knew where he was when he jumped.


The AGL versus MSL Project


This project is an exploration of the altitude that Cooper specified (to the pilots) and what might be the possible implications of that specification. As far a history knows, Cooper did not say if the altitude was Above Ground Level (AGL) or Mean Sea Level (MSL).




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